Hashtags for branded content

Hashtags for branded content

To use branded hashtags successfully, you must first understand what branded hashtags are and what their intended usage is.  

What is a branded hashtag?  Put simply; a branded hashtag is a word or a phrase that is put in front of a # symbol.  For example, #alive.  Used in a tweet, instagram post, LinkedIn or facebook post, you could be searing your brand and identity into the minds of your audience by making sure your hashtags are strategically present in your post!  A branded hashtag can also serve much like an anchor for your post, giving your audience an easy, memorable word or phrase to search if they want to get back to that post later. 

Here at Hashtag.Space, we recommend that you use your branded hashtag on your twitter and instagram profiles as well.  By adding a branded hashtag to your Twitter and Instagram bios, you will create clickable links.  When clicked on, your branded hashtag will link to a search results page on the social media platform you are using, effectively cataloging all of your offers, promotions, and discounts for the searcher to easily access any time. 

Branded Hashtag or Naked URL?

When someone comes to a social media channel like twitter or instagram, even though you can and should add a website domain to your bio, the majority of people will not leave the social media channel that they are on to go to your website.  They have come to the social media platform to engage on that platform and the vast majority will remain on that platform.

Unless you have a killer piece of content or an offer that is so sweet it makes the social media users just have to click your link and go away to your site, you can expect that most people will not leave the social channel that they are on to go to your website.  This is where your branded hashtags can come to the fore.  Your branded hashtag can allow your audience to get an immediate overview of what your content is all about.

For the sake of illustrating the point of using branding hashtags on social media, let’s pretend that you are a digital marketer and your business name is Marketologist.  Your website is marketologist.com.  On your website, you offer free tips and have a monthly publication called the Marketology Digest.  Perhaps you have a free ebook you want your visitors to download.

You might make your branded hashtags look something like the following:

  • #marketologist
  • #marketologdigest
  • #marketologytips
  • #TheMarketologist

Admittedly, we could probably think of some better examples of branded hashtags, but you probably already get the point. 

Should You Use a Name or a Branded Hashtag?

There are so many people on social media today offering every kind of service you could imagine and then quite a few that you couldn’t imagine!  In most cases, there is surely someone out there with your name already.  That is why many marketers and professionals in general will use a branded name to stand out.  

So, let’s say that your name is John Doe, and there are many other John Does out there, which can make you difficult to find.  But as the “Marketelogist,” you will stand out more because there are many John Does but only one Marketologist (hopefully).

On Twitter, you can make your username a branded name instead, which, again, will help your audience find you when they want to.  Beyond this, you can add an icon or two to your twitter name, such as a rocket or thumbs up sign, especially if you use these icons a lot in your posts.  It will be more memorable and let your audience know that they have found you immediately.  Indeed, all of your visual elements on social media should be about making your business go forward.

Fortunately, it’s pretty much the same scenario on instagram. Your branded hashtags give your audience a flavor of who you are and what you do.  By also having your branded hashtag in your instagram bio, your audience can click the link of your hashtag and be taken to a catalog of your content on instagram. 

Are You Reaping the Power of Branded Hashtags on Social Media?

Again, the primary point of branded hashtags is that your intended audience should be able to find you or a specific piece of content from you without too much hassle.  Branded hashtags also allow new visitors to readily determine if your content, promotions, products, information, services, etc. are relevant to him/her.

Hashtags for branded content

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Hashtags for branded content Hashtags for branded content Hashtags for branded content Hashtags for branded content