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Promote Instagram Account

Promote Instagram Account

Instagram's rapid evolution means the best methods for growing your IG followers are continually changing. You shouldn't be surprised that the techniques that worked so well yesterday may no longer be effective today. Whether you're just launching your account or you've been around for a while, the smart option will be staying as flexible and agile as possible. That said, you'll be happy to know that some tested and trusted methods have served countless brands over the years. Here are a few fool-proof ways to promote your Instagram account:

Produce quality content

As always, content is king. And when it comes to Instagram content, it's visuals or nothing. Churn out as many crisp photos, product videos, memes, and GIFs as you can. As long as it's appealing to the eyes, it should make great food for your Instagram followers. It's not news that a lot of Instagram marketers struggle to figure out the content that will resonate the most with their target audience. While we will not pretend to have all the answers, we know that you'll have to experiment extensively, and you have to be consistent with posting.

Promote your Instagram account on other platforms

You can maximize your content creation efforts on Instagram by cross-posting the content on other social media platforms. For example, you can post snippets of the content on Facebook and Twitter, and share the link to the original post. While this method has proven effective over the years, it would help if you were aware that different platforms have their best practices.  

Focus on people

Although you're on Instagram to get more sales, you shouldn't forget that your potential customers are there to share and enjoy experiences. Our Instagram growth service experts will always recommend content that does not scream to followers to buy. You need to leverage user-generated content and other kinds of posts that focus not just on your brand but also potential viewers.

Experiment with hashtags

Hashtags are crucial to driving engagement on Instagram. However, your hashtags should do more than trying hard to showcase what your brand offers. You can also use hashtags that may not be directly related to your product but relevant in your industry. This will make your posts visible by tag searchers, and you're more likely to enjoy better engagement.

Publish content on-site

Although having a comprehensive pre-planned content strategy is excellent, your brand will still benefit greatly from publishing content on-site. When people see pictures and videos of others who have purchased your product or service in the real world, they can better visualize them. Thus, they become more inclined to make a purchase. To do this, however, you'd need the consent and cooperation of your existing customers.

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Promote Instagram Account

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Promote Instagram Account Promote Instagram Account Promote Instagram Account Promote Instagram Account