You’re Going To Get Live Training From Me, Nialy Diallo, And We’re Going To Get To Know Each Other On A More Personal Level

never before revealed money making strategies

At Closers In Black™, I’ve prepared for you a set of never-before-revealed money-making strategies as a Business Relauncher. And with these advanced High-Ticket Closing secrets, you’ll be able to make money as a Business Relaunchers in ways you never thought possible.

And yes, Desmond and your co-instructors will be doing part of the training at the event too. Together, we’re giving you whole new strategies on closing. Positioning. And leadership. All vital skills to be able to command 6-figure and 7-figure incomes.

IT Will Be A Whole New Experience For You

It’s one thing to learn from our weekly calls. It’s a whole other experience to be in a room full of high-energy, Business Relaunchers and when you’re training with me from morning to night. For 3-days straight. Sifu showed everyone Closers In Black how to break the board in half and to free themselves from their Lower Self.

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