Quiz: Test Your Facebook Pixel Knowledge

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How much do you know about the Facebook pixel? Do you know what it is, how to install it, and what it’s for? Let’s find out!

There are 20 questions in this quiz. When you’re done, I’ll give you a score.

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What is the Facebook pixel?

An image that you can place on your website showing your Facebook credentials

Code placed on your website to enable Facebook to track user behavior

A new ad unit on Facebook to make video marketing more effective

A forum for contacting Facebook support

Which of the following will a pixel *not* allow you to do?

Create an audience of people who viewed a web page for at least 30 seconds

Create an audience of people who completed a purchase on a web site

Create an audience of people who posted a link to a website on Facebook

The pixel will allow you to do all of above

Where should the base pixel code be placed on your website?

Outside of the closing HEAD tag

Before the closing BODY tag

Before the closing HEAD tag

What is true about targeting of pixel traffic?

You can target visitors of websites you do not control

You can target visitors of websites using your own pixel

Which of the following can't you do as a result of having the Facebook pixel on your website?

Target your website visitors

Optimize for actions performed on your website

Track actions performed by people who saw or clicked on your ad and went to your website

Build a list of website visitors based on name, email address, physical address, and actions performed

On which pages of your website should you add the Facebook pixel?

Only the pages where a conversion occurs

Only the primary category pages of your website

Every page of your website

How can you install the pixel on your website?

Add it manually to the template and to specific pages

How many pixels can you have?

Pixels are associated with campaigns, so you can create a pixel for every campaign

Pixels are associated with websites, so you can add every website to your Facebook account to generate a new pixel

Pixels are associated with ad accounts, so you can create a pixel for every ad account

Pixels are associated with audiences, so every time you create an audience you can create a new pixel

Which of the following uses the Facebook pixel to complete the action?

Creating an audience of people who visit a web page off of Facebook

Creating an audience of people who view a video on Facebook

Creating an audience of people who open an Instagram story

How can you test to make sure that your pixel is working properly?

Use the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome plugin

Use the Facebook Event Manager testing tool

Use the Google Tag Manager preview mode

What does pixel event code do?

It is a special programming language that helps your website function

It gives website visitors a list of pages they should visit

It signifies a specific action occurred on your website

It allows you to set up a virtual gathering and invite people to it

How are the details of an event (like the price, quantity, and name of a product purchased) logged with event code?

Using crawlers that monitor what a visitor is doing

This information is provided only once a user registers with an email address

This information can't be collected

How do you add the pixel to a website you can't control?

There are third party Wordpress plugins and tools that allow you to add your pixel to any website

All websites have an option that allow you to add a pixel

Google offers a tool to add your pixel to any website

You can't add your pixel to websites you can't control

TRUE/FALSE: The pixel makes it possible to target people based on the specific events that were performed on your website (exact product purchased, price, quantity)

Where is event code, signifying a specific type of action occurred, added to your website?

In the same location as the base pixel code, before the closing HEAD tag

Outside of the closing HEAD tag

Before the closing BODY tag

This code isn't needed as the action and details are automatically inferred by the activity of the visitor

TRUE/FALSE: Facebook has the ability to detect events and automatically create them for you

TRUE/FALSE: There are ways to create pixel events without the need for additional code

Facebook can detect that an event occurs when which of the following happens?

Someone visits a link and the page loads

Neither of these are true

How many pixel events can occur on a single web page?

What does a custom conversion allow you to do?

Track the number of specific actions that happen as a result of someone seeing or clicking your ad

Target the people who performed a specific action on your website

Neither of these are true

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