Watch Global BFCM Sales in Real-Time with Shopify’s Live Map

6 months ago

For online businesses everywhere—it’s showtime!

By now, you’ve done the hard work of preparing your business for BFCM. Join us as we watch the impact of BFCM on commerce at a global level with the BFCM Live Map.

We completely rebuilt our BFCM Live Map with a few major improvements. This year, our real-time map shows the scale and shared success of more than 1 million independent business owners using the Shopify platform.

Explore the Live Map to watch key metrics such as:

Peak rate of sales per minute this hour Orders per minute Carbon offset amounts made through our BFCM offset commitment

If you're lucky, you may even catch an active flash sale in progress. ⚡

The full story of Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 on Shopify will slowly unfold with each successful sale, so stay tuned in a few days as we report back with total numbers.

From global pandemic to fundamental shifts in commerce, it’s been a different kind of year for all of us. At Shopify, we remain committed to helping you be the difference makers for your customers and communities, across the globe.

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